About us

I would like to present to you a unique online portal that offers a number of packages and the most beautiful destinations where you can renew your body and soul. It is a specialized portal for wellness travels and much more.

I wish for you to find the best offers, information, sports and recreational offer, cultural events, interesting facts on destinations and their surroundings, all at one place… a portal that allows you to search for the desired destinations quickly and easily.

 This site gives you an opportunity to please:

... your family – take them for a fun weekend, swimming in the wave pool, going down the slides and a rushing river, dedicate your time to them and enjoy being close to them ...

a friend whom you don’t get to see that often any more – take a holiday together that will include a relaxing massage, sound therapies with planetary Gong, special ways of rejuvenation and relaxation, all of which you will gladly reminisce together and talk about ever after ...

your business partners – take them for a deserved time-off, let them know how much you appreciate collaborating with them, spend a relaxing weekend with managerial game of golf to regain strength for future projects ...

... yourself or a special person – take them for a memorable romantic weekend and enchant them with a massage for two and a shared relaxation in a Jacuzzi coupled with a glass of champagne and candlelight ... Enjoy giving yourself care and love while spending time in a healthier way.


Andreja Milas



Note: The internet portal Relaxino does not organise field trips, nor is it a travel agency and cannot be held responsible for the validity of travel offers.